Monday 2 July 2012

My Old Blog: Problems Resolved


After about 4 months of trying to salvage my original birding blog since it suffered some problems which prevented me from updating the status, it is finally back online.  My initial thoughts were to continue with this current blog but it would be shame to leave that one idling after so much effort had been poured into it to reach its current state.

So effective immediately I will be posting on the original   ‘ Wings Among Us’  at However, I will  still keep  this blog alive (not updated)  in case the gremlins strike again.

I thank all for supporting this site and I hope it has given you the pleasure that it has given me. If you are new to the site I would be honoured to have you as my follower on the original blog.

Thank you

Best wishes

Mohd Rosmadi Hassan @ madibirder

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